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Najla Feki

Executive Committee

Najla Fki is an English language teacher and researcher. In 2009, she graduated from the
Faculty of Letters and Humanities of Sfax. She earned an M.A. in Applied and Theoretical Linguistics in 2012. She currently teaches young learners of English at a private school and center. Fond of research, Najla has been simultaneously working on her Ph.D. thesis in the area of theoretical linguistics with the title “Adverbial Clauses in Legal Discourse: A Comparative Study of International Treaties and Academic Legal Articles”. Determined to
keep up with the evergoing boom in the use of technology in the classroom, Najla has participated in a couple of interactive teacher workshops where she learned how to use such softwares as the SMART notebook and SMART Exchange. Najla’s main research interests are in Syntax, Semantics, Systemic Functional Linguistics and Academic and Legal Discourses.