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Sabiha Choura

Executive Committee

Sabiha Choura is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of Sfax. She graduated from the Faculty of Letters and Humanities of Sfax in 2009. She wrote her BA dissertation on Verb Complementation in Scientific Articles: Medical and Agricultural Science as a Case study. She succeeded in the Agrégation in English studies in August 2011. She wrote her PHD Thesis which is entitled Ditransitive Complementation in Research Articles: Medical Science and Sociology as Case Studies. Her publications include Ditransitive Process Types as a Feature of Medical Articles, Ditransitive Complementation in Medical Research Articles, and Ditransitive Process Types in Sociological Research Articles. Her research interests include Syntax, Semantics, Corpus Linguistics, Genre and Register Analysis, Systemic Functional Linguistics, Discourse Analysis, Pragmatics and Cognitive Linguistics.

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