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Nesrine Triki is an assistant teacher at the Higher Institute of Languages of Nabeul, University of Carthage. She has an MA in English Linguistics from the Faculty of Letters and Humanities, University of Mannouba and she is currently working on a PhD dissertation on the discourse function of elaboration in academic writing in the Faculty of Letters and Humanities, Univesity of Sfax.
She is the Secretary General of the Tunisian Association of Systemic Functional Linguistics Association of Tunisia and a member of the Laboratory of Approaches to Discourse, FLSHS, University of Sfax. 
Her research interests include:
-    Systemic Functional Linguistics
-    (Critical) Discourse Analysis
-    English for Specific Purposes
-    English for Academic Purposes
-    Forensic Linguistics

Main publications: 
-    Triki, N. (2013). Narratorial Techniques in Tunisian Police and Court Transcripts: A Forensic Linguistic Approach. In M. Zekri (Ed) Text and Context. Tunisia. Imprimerie Officielle de la République Tunisienne. 
-    Triki, N. (2014). Elaboration Paradigms in PhD Theses Introductions. InM. Guirat, and M. Triki, (Eds.) Deviation (s), (pp. 202-225). Laboratory on Approaches to Discourse (LAD), Tunisia.

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