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What's SYFLAT ??

About us

SYFLAT is an academic association interested in the field of Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL), a school of linguistics founded by the British linguist M. A. K. Halliday in 1961, and then developed and applied to many other fields. SYFLAT was founded on June 12th, 2014 (Reference: 2014S01520APSF1- JORT numero 70), following a series of monthly seminars on SFL held with the Research Laboratory Approaches to Discourse (LAD) at the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences of Sfax, Tunisia.

Our Goals

SYFLAT is founded with the aim of fostering research in SFL in Tunisia. Its objectives are:

To enhance cooperation with other regional and national associations and academic institutions interested in the field of linguistics and its applications.

To organize conferences, meetings, study days, workshops and seminars related to SFL for students, teachers and researchers.

To create an interactive zone for researchers to exchange ideas, opinions and research.

To organize workshop and training sessions in research methodology.

Annual General Meeting

The annual general meeting is attended by all the association's members. At this meeting, the President, the Secretary and the Treasurer give annual reports to the members of the association.


The income and property of the association is to be applied solely towards the promotion of the purpose and objectives of the association.


Any proposal to modify the constitution of the association must be presented in an Exceptional General Meeting. It could be called for either by the executive board or by one third of the association members.

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Akila Sellami Baklouti


Nesrine Triki

Executive Committee

Fatma Benelhadj

Executive Committee